We Buy Old Ruana Knives

Are you interested in selling your old Ruana knife or trading it for a new one? If so, we’ll consider

old Ruana knives of any age shape or condition. When we buy old knives or accept them for

trade in we want to be fair. While our intent is not to resell them immediately, if we do sell them

we want to be able to make some profit and not just break even.


With that in mind, it’s up to you to determine your asking price, because we have no idea what your

investment (either monetary or sentimental) in the knife is. Send us a photo by email and include

the sheath if it has one. Also, let us know the blade and handle length along with your asking

price and we’ll go from there. There may be buyers with deeper pockets than ours, but if we agree

upon a price you can rest assured that you’re selling to a reliable buyer and won’t have to

worry about getting paid.

Old Knife.jpeg


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