Dating and Appraising Ruana Knives

Dating your Ruana Knife

Unless a specific year happens to be engraved on your Ruana Knife most marks on knives were made over a span of years rather than just one year. The photo below from the book “Hear The Hammer” describes markings on knives with corresponding dates.

Ruana Knife Marks & Dates.jpg

Knife Values & Appraisals

It is impossible to put a specific value on older knives. Older knives are what people are willing to pay for them and that may vary greatly from person to person. We suggest finding a similar knife on our website and using that as a starting point. Another barometer to use is eBay but be sure to look at Completed Listings of knives that have sold, not just what the current asking price of a knife is. Some eBay sellers put unreasonable prices on knives and they will never sell.

 Other things to Consider

  • The knife’s condition … the better shape it’s in generally means more value.

  • Older knives can be viewed as more valuable newer knives to some collectors if they are in equal condition to a newer knife.

  • How much did you invest in the knife? A knife you happened to find would obviously mean less to you than one you paid for.

  • If you received a knife as a gift or received as an heirloom from a family member it would have sentimental value that you may not be able to put a price on.

Appraisal Fee for In Depth Information  

We are a tiny operation with the main focus of our business hand crafting Ruana Knives; which is very time consuming. If the information above isn’t sufficient we can make an assessment of older knives for a fee. In order for us to help you, clear photos, markings, knife dimensions (handle and blade lengths), etc. help us make a better assessment for you. Payment for more in depth info must be made before the info below is provided. PayPal is the easiest way to pay and it can be sent to or you can call us with credit card info.

After payment is received we will do our best to answer the following questions and provide the information noted below:

  • Is it a Ruana Knife? Yes or No. Sometimes people think they have a Ruana Knife when it is not one.

  • When was the knife made? We will be able to give a time range, but most likely not a specific year.

  • Who made the knife? Most knives from 1964 to present day were not made by anyone person from start to finish even if it has a maker’s signature. We may not be able to say who specifically who made the knife but can say who had a hand in making the knife during the time period it was made.

  • What is the model number? If it’s a catalog model we’ll provide that info. If it isn’t we’ll note that is a non-catalog, custom knife.

  • How much is my knife worth? The only prices we will provide are an estimated original purchase price range and a price for a similar model made brand new today. Old knives are worth what people, and collectors, are willing to pay for them and that amount will vary as noted above.