A no frills, functional sheath accompanies all Ruana Knives and the Hatchet. Ruana sheaths are made from full grain English bridle leather that is drum-dyed and lightly hot stuffed with an extra tallow top dressing. They are sewn with durable, bonded high strength nylon thread and brass nailed for safety. All knives, hatchets and Bowie knives come with the sheaths shown on this page. Sheaths can be purchased separately with the prices depending on size and style. Please contact us for prices.

We highly recommend that you invest in some Montana Pitch Blend Leather Dressing (on page 11 of our catalog) for your sheath. Pitch blend will prolong the life of your sheath while helping to keep moisture from condensing around your knife, which in turn helps keep it clean.

FS-Full Length Sheath— All cast handle knives come with a full sheath designed for protecting your knife. The knife if fully covered with a flap that comes over the butt of the handle and snaps to the main part of the sheath.

22 S-Hatchet Sheath—Heavy leather sheath for the hatchet that allows you to carry it on a belt.

SBS-Standard Bowie Sheath—Heavy leather Bowie sheath with decorative frog lace and saddle tie. Strap that crosses guard diagonally keeps knife in place.

Sheaths for Pre-1984 Knives

We can make period correct replacement sheaths for Ruana Knives made prior to 1984 that will look similar to those shown in the photo below.  We must have your knife in our possession to make the sheath fit properly. Contact us with your old knife specs including blade and handle length for pricing.

Sheaths for Pre-1984 Knives.jpg