Knife Refurbishing

We have refurbished numerous Ruana Knives in a wide variety of ages, shapes, and conditions and can do the same for your old knife, but only do that work from January through March each year.


Old Knife before Refurbishing.jpg



Refurbishing rates:

Refinish rates are $90 per hour with no minimum charge plus the cost of any raw materials such as new handle inserts. The exact cost isn’t known until the work is actually completed but upon request we can give you an estimate based on the work you want done. Return shipping and insurance (for the value you want to put on your knife) will also be added to your cost.

 Notes about Refurbishing Knives

  • Refinish work will be done from January through March and on Ruana Knives only.

  • Turn around time for refinish work is normally within about three weeks.

  • There is a fine line, especially on older knives, between restoring them to their original condition and making them look too new. In our opinion, it is better to err on the side of not doing too much and permanently altering the original piece of work.

  • Contact us if you are interested in having a replacement sheath made for your Ruana Knife.

  • Visit Letters of Authenticity if you would like to document and potentially add value to your Ruana Knife.

  • Please inform us if you want to use it or plan on putting it away as a collectible for safekeeping and we’ll do our best to meet your instructions.

  • Ship your knife in a sheath or protective cover to the address below and include a note with specific instructions telling us how you’d like it to be refinished.