Ruana Knife Collector's Sharpening Stone

Ruana Collectors Sharpening Stone.jpg

Knife Collector's Sharpening Stone

In conjunction with Diamond Machining Technology (DMT®) we are offering the Ruana Knife Collector's Sharpening Stone. This is the same high quality, Made in America, bench stone that we've offered for several years, but it's now available with our logo handsomely engraved on a beautiful hardwood display case. This must item for any Ruana Knife collection is available in a 6" x 2" stone offered in a coarse grit that we like to use on Ruana Knives for a working, field edge. Every hand crafted Ruana Knife is sharpened on an identical DMT® stone, which we believe is the best product on the market.

CSS ~ $ 80 sold separately

CSS ~ $ 70 with knife purchase, limited to one per new knife at discounted price