Catalog Bowies

 Bowie knives played a vital role in the daily activities of early American settlers, being as important as their rifles and axes. They were originally designed as a fighting knife, but also used on the trail for survival and as a camp knife. Although Ruana Bowies are made for heavy use, they have become increasingly popular as collector items. Many customers purchase our Bowies to be displayed as a work of art.

 Each Ruana Bowie blade is forged from heavy chrome alloy spring steel, and ground with an edge angle that is excellent for chopping and other heavy duty use. Several Bowie models contain a braze welded brass parry strip on top of the blade that was originally intended as a fighting tool with the hope that a knife fighter’s opponent would sink their Bowie blade into the softer brass strip and enable the fighter with the parry strip to disarm their opponent. The parry strip on Ruana Bowies is intended for decorative purposes.  

All Bowies come with a Standard Bowie Sheath.