80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Axe

Available in limited numbers - contact us for details.

80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Axe

80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Axe

To celebrate 80 years of business and knife making in the year 2018, we created our 80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Axe. This is a brand new item that had never been made before this year.

The Bit & Body

  • One solid piece of 1/4” 1095 carbon steel, makes up the entire bit, body and tang that extends into the cast aluminum handle.

  • The hammer forged head measures about 5” from the butt end to the cutting edge.

  • The top of the bit to the hilt of the handle is about 8” long. This is much longer than our standard hatchet and creates good leverage and power for a working tool.

  • Acknowledgement of this being our 80th Anniversary Collector’s Edition and unique number is laser engraved into each axe.

Squarespace Engraving.jpg

Handle Closeup.jpg

The Handle:

  • The cast aluminum handle mold is the same one we used for our 75th Anniversary Knife, but this handle has 3 rivets to secure the dovetail, elk antler inserts.

  • The handles are marked with the current stamp that has been used on knives from 1984 - present day.

The Sheath:

  • We are using a brand new, special stamp with our main logo on the sheath. The stamp also notes “Since 1938” which is the year of Ruana Knife Works inception.

  • A brass snap, rather than the standard nickel snap, adds uniqueness to the sheath.

Collectible Features:

  • Each axe comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that corresponds to the engraving on the axe.

  • An extra-large padded zipper case embroidered with the same logo as the sheath will come with each axe for preserving your heirloom quality investment.

  • This axe and sheath have never been made before with these exact specs.

  • Your purchase of this numbered Collector’s Edition will give you the right of first refusal for any numbered series made in the future.


  • $1150 each

  • $40 for shipping and insurance charges via UPS Ground in the lower 48 states or Priority Mail in all 50 states. Additional charges for UPS shipping to Hawaii and Alaska and all shipments outside the United States will apply.